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DIY Kits

In the past, we had been making small batches by hand. This was a time-consuming effort that resulted in a lot of people waiting to hope to get in on the next batch and then waiting for their kit to be completed. We are hoping to put an end to that by outsourcing the process. To get to that point ASAP, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign in May.

Get Freeplay Zero/CM3 GPA DIY kits at the
Freeplaytech Store.

Our DIY kits are perfect for the retro-gaming hobbyist that likes to tinker with things like assembling models, cutting plastics, Linux, or soldering. Not all of these things are required, but they can help or this project can be a learning experience for each of the components.

Pre-Built Consoles

If you prefer to skip the DIY portion and just jump into owning and playing with a handheld Linux machine or retro gaming console, this is the option for you. We have been working with RetroModding.com who is now offering built-to-order Game Pie Advance consoles.

Purchase a Built-To-Order Freeplay Zero or Freeplay CM3