It came out great! Thanks!
– Will, NY, USA
So happy with how my #GamePieAdvance build came out!
Zach, AZ, USA
My son was really impressed with the finished product (which was his Christmas present) & my thanks to you for building the PCB.
– Thomas, TX, USA
I am more than happy with the bundle you put together
– Nick, OR, USA
Thank you for this great kit, that was awesome fun.
– Oliver, Germany
This was my first real pi project and it couldn’t have gone any smoother.
– Chris, IL, USA
thank you for this super kit continue like this
– Antoine, France

I took my time making it and it paid off because it fired up first try!
Lane, WA, USA
I watch the full build video, and print instruction fron Ed, and everything goes gently, as far as i follow the instruction. But, i always want to made it my way…
Sixbras, France
(When asked about X/Y buttons, he replied) I was worried about them the most when I bought the kit. Now that I have everything together, I can see there really wasn’t much choice in the design but to go with clicky ones. They do feel different but I don’t think they feel bad. Their location and feel make them easy to find for me. It’s at worst a very small compromise.
– asd913, Canada
All in all it was a very clean and quick build that requires minimal soldering and configuring. I’m running it with a pi Zero W and was very grateful to find the SD image for the W model in the downloads section.
This product was well worth the money and I would definitely consider buying another one.
– Andrew, PA, USA
I’m super excited to start building w/ an enclosure & glass lens from #RoseColoredGaming.
– Colin, OR, USA