GPA Now Available Built-To-Order

If you are one of the people that like the idea of the Game Pie Advance, but don’t quite feel comfortable buildin your own, we have great news. Our friends at Retro Modding ( are now selling a limited number of built-to-order GPA retro gaming consoles. These are based on our GPA v2.1 kits. Before you ask, no, we have not been building units for them while everyone else is left waiting. In fact, Retro Modding helped with the pre-order of v2.1 kits just like everyone else involved with that pre-order did.

If you just want to head over to their website and see what their built-to-order GPA is all about, try this link.
Build to order Game Pie Advance

I guess this makes Retro Modding the new official value-added re-seller of GPA. If you don’t know about, I suggest that you check out this video to see some of their handiwork.

They have a lot of options to consider, so read it all over. Basically, you get to choose exactly what the GPA will look like, and then they build it up for you. We’ve recently done some tests on the batteries they are including, and we have seen a single cell last over 2.5 hours. They are building in two of these cells, which should give you over 5 hours of RetroPie gaming on a full charge.

In other news, we have been working hard on getting things ready for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. If you didn’t know that we’re planning to run a Kickstarter, please check out this post about our retro gaming Kickstarter.

We still have some surprises in store for you guys. Our main Kickstarter goal is to really ramp up production of our GPA kits, but we also have some other cool news to come. I really think it will be worth the wait. I just hope we can get our message out to everyone that would like a kit of their own. As always, we appreciate every time you guys share our news. Let us know if you do, so we can read along.

Kickstarter, Coming Soon

I know that we’ve been telling a lot of you to sign up for out news notifications at We have been getting a lot of interest in the Game Pie Advance (GPA) project lately. While that is really awesome, the problem is that we’ve been working behind the scenes on a lot of different aspects of this whole project. That means we’re not currently soldering up circuit boards and shipping things out, so we also aren’t currently selling GPA kits. In the meantime, we’ve just been suggesting that people subscribe for notifications, because we know that there is news on the horizon. Well, even though we aren’t ready to publish much for details, the time has come to tell you that we are working on a Kickstarter campaign.

If you haven’t been following along this entire time, you might not know how this project has gone up until now, so here’s a quick recap. We had this crazy idea that people wanted to build their own retro gaming handhelds, but some of them might not want to cobble together a rat’s nest of wires and components. We also had this crazy idea that people might want to do their retro gaming on something that looked like a retro console. We put those ideas together to make the Game Pie Advance. To prove that our design worked, we built some working units and auctioned them off, but our intention was to sell DIY kits. We then sold around 25 DIY kits based around that initial design.

GPA DIY v2.1 kit
After we built about 30 units+kits, we decided that we needed to add some features, so we moved on to the v2.0 board. We ran our own very limited presale/preorder on our website. This second version proved to work very well, but it needed a few tweaks, so we did the same thing again for v2.1. Many people have now built GPA DIY kits, and you can see some of their results on the showcase page.

Pre-Shipping Test
Up until now, we have done all of the soldering and assembly on our own with our own equipment. To take this project to the next level, we need to change our process. We can’t be spending our time constantly soldering, testing, shipping, etc. We need to move toward mass production. We need to outsource our assembly. That’s where Kickstarter comes in.

GPA v2.1 Boards Ready To Ship
Not only do we need to outsource our assembly process, but we also have some ideas for the future of this project and how it’s designed and built. We still want to keep this as a DIY project. We just need your help to take it to the next level.

At the moment, we are planning to launch our Kickstarter campaign next month (May). Things are already going slower than I have wanted. I wish we could be shipping GPA DIY kits to everyone that’s been asking for one. I really want to do this Kickstarter ASAP, but I know there are details to work out if we want to do it properly. I need to calm down a bit and get it done right.

Translucent Orange GPA by “Zach”
I know this news post is light on specifics, but I hope that it gives you an understanding that we are working hard to move this project forward in a very beneficial way. Just know that we are making progress, and there will be more DIY kits in the near future.

In the meantime, can we ask you a favor? Can you share this post with your friends on social media? Can you share it in any forums you frequent? If you are part of a makerspace group or are attending any sort of retro gaming convention, can you mention it to people there?

If you are someone that has already built a GPA kit, can you post photos of it and link to this news article?

Customized GPA by “Sixbras”
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We want you to know that we really appreciate your support. This project has already been very enjoyable and rewarding. Personally, I love hearing about the results people have had up to this point, and I want to share that experience with as many people as possible. Let’s make that happen!