GPA v2.1 Available For Limited Purchase

We just opened presales for a limited batch of “v2.1” DIY kits. They are available at

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, I recently uploaded a video showing a full build of a yellow Game Pie Advance. I don’t show the soldering in the video, because I wasn’t near the iron, but there is pretty minimal soldering involved. I also took some extra time to explain things, because I was on camera. I guess that might even out, so a full build could take about 1 hour 15 minutes.

For this v2.1, we are doing a small revision to the previous (v2.0) kit, but you (as a builder) probably won’t even notice the differences. They are mainly small changes to the positioning of parts and improving some of circuit board layout to make them easier to assemble. In fact, we just today sent off the new design to the circuit board manufacturer. If all goes well, I expect that we would ship out the v2.1 preorders in mid-March.

For anyone that doesn’t feel the desire to build their own GPA, I believe that will be selling pre-built units. If you’re interested in that, please hit them up on their website or Twitter @retromoddingcom and ask them if you can get a pre-built unit.

Finally, if you are one of the people that got in on one of our previous limited runs of the Game Pie Advance, please share your build photos/videos/blogs with us. You can do that here in the comments, on the forum at, or via email/Twitter (@FreeplayTech).