The Circuit Boards Have Arrived

The new circuit boards for the GPA version 2 have arrived. As a quick side-note, if you don’t know what a Game Pie Advance (GPA) is, think of a PiGRRL or PiBoy that fits inside of a Game Boy Advance (GBA) housing. Basically, the GPA lets you put a Raspberry Pi Zero inside your retro handheld.

Back to the news!

We have received the shipment of GPA PCBs, and are currently soldering some up for testing. I just wanted to give you a quick report that the few we’ve tested seem to be working well.

As you may be able to see in the first photo, one circuit board has some extra pieces attached. These pieces have been detached from one of the 2 PCBs shown. One of the pieces is the sub-PCB for the X/Y buttons and another is a guide for drilling holes for your X/Y buttons. The resulting holes (with X/Y buttons fitted) are shown to the left. We’ll discuss this a bit more once we’ve done a bit more building/testing.

For now, the plan is to run a few of these boards through some charge/discharge cycles. We will also build up a couple full working GPA units (shell and all). I expect the next post to have some photos (and maybe video) of those builds.

We’ve also discovered that a bunch of the speakers we purchased are basically worthless. Even in a single shipment, we received 2 different kinds of speakers, and one style is acceptable and the other sounds horrible. I’ve ordered some new speakers, and I hope they arrive quickly. I hope that’s the only real issue, as it’s an easy one to fix (in theory).

This Christmas and New Years break stuff has thrown off the schedule a bit, but we’ll try hard to start getting some of these shipped next week if possible.